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Author Marketing Mastery through Optimization provides professional sales, marketing, and product development training and consulting for independent authors.


We are not affiliated with the advertising platform that might have brought you here, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Google, etc., and we are not endorsed by any of these platforms.


We do not offer, promote, endorse, or in any way associate with any "business opportunity," "make money online," MLM, or "get-rich-quick" schemes.


We serve dedicated professionals who are committed to serving their customers with uncommon integrity, excellence, insight, and innovation.


Our business exists to make a substantial difference and to make a substantial profit. We sincerely hope yours does, too.


We produce and publicize the information and materials on these pages to demonstrate our effectiveness and professionalism to you, so that if you also happen to be a person who is dedicated to excellence, effort, and commitment, you might find us to be kindred spirits. Our transparent desire is that after understanding what we're all about, you will be eager and proud to work with us to help you serve your customers, grow your business, secure your future, and leave a lasting legacy of excellence, integrity, kindness, and general awesomeness.


We make no promises that you can accomplish what we have accomplished, or that you can or will achieve what our clients have achieved. When you hear about our successes and/or our clients' successes, you should understand that they have come at the cost of an unusual level of effort, study, diligence, training, and commitment.


You should also understand that more than 99% of people have never and will never produce these kinds of results. We hope that makes you feel even more excited to work alongside those of us who have.


When and if we make any guarantees of any kind, they are always limited guarantees that are strictly and entirely dependent upon a) your meeting stringent and substantial entry qualification requirements, and b) your upholding stringent and substantial ongoing performance requirements. If your employees are involved in executing your vision and mission with us, you are personally responsible for their conduct.


We collect certain information in order to fulfill our obligations and deliver on our promises. We take all required measures, plus additional ones, to protect your privacy. We will never sell, barter, trade, or willingly disclose your information to any third party unless we have first obtained your documented permission.


We rely upon reputable third-party providers to serve our content to you, process your payments, safeguard your email address and other information, and perform various other necessary functions. We take all reasonable steps to vet these providers thoroughly. We are not responsible for any breaches, failures, inadvertent disclosures, or negligence on their part.


We reserve the unqualified right to terminate any agreement with you at any time if our continued association with you becomes a risk to our reputation, values, mission, or integrity. Our business depends on our reputation for forthrightness, transparency, honesty, integrity, and excellence. We hope you're excited to move forward with these values at the forefront, and that you share our view that conducting business in this way is the best path to sleeping well at night, providing excellent service to your customers, and making the most profit in the long run.


Speaking of the long run, when we tell you about certain clients of ours who have achieved jaw-dropping results in surprisingly short periods of time, we in no way imply that you can or will achieve the same outcomes in similarly short timeframes. These are incredibly talented and dedicated individuals and teams, and while you should certainly look to them as exemplars, you should not expect to replicate their results precisely.


You should, in contrast, expect to encounter substantial difficulties, challenges, and hardships along the way to your success. This is a necessary part of entrepreneurship, and in fact represents the greatest opportunity of entrepreneurship: to develop your character in ways that mere mortals will never have the opportunity to replicate.


You may not solicit our clients or partners for consulting, help, services, or references. We do not provide their contact information for a reason. Imagine if you were to receive dozens of emails, texts, or phone calls every week from random strangers asking you for advice, counsel, or information about someone else's business. It would suck, and you shouldn't cause those kinds of problems for the people whose names, logos, or likenesses we may share with you for the purpose of helping you advance toward your goals.


If you've read this far and you have a slight smile on your face, there's a good chance that you're our kind of entrepreneur.


You can always reach us at support at stevepieper dot com.


You may reach the founder at seven zero two three three six six two two four. If you come across as spammy or creepy, you will be immediately and permanently blocked. Dad jokes are always welcome, however.


Here's to our mutual success, to our customers' enrichment, and to leaving this place much better than we found it.


- Steve Pieper

Founder and President, AMMO and Polymath Consulting & Publishing, Inc

Copyright Polymath Publishing and Consulting, inc. All rights reserved.



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Erin Athene

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Our proprietary three-phase process has transformed hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries

  • Real estate
  • Medical
  • Lead generation
  • Estate planning
  • Personal finance
  • Surrogate birth
  • Ecommerce
  • Coaching
  • Business consulting
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Nonprofit
  • Accounting
  • Succession planning
  • Public/private partnership
  • Solar
  • Copywriting
  • Class action law
  • Family law
  • Investment
  • Social media marketing
  • Video production
  • Podcast production
  • Cosmetics
  • Fitness
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Parenthood
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Photography
  • Book marketing
  • PhD coaching
  • Furniture
  • Household goods
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Health insurance
  • Long term care
  • Supplemental insurance
  • Graphic design
  • Jewelry
  • Physical therapy
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Catering
  • Event planning
  • Vacations and travel
  • Religious studies
  • SAAS

Our proprietary three-phase process has transformed hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries

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What entrepreneurs and authors say about working with Steve

"Loved Steve's instruction. So helpful, honest, and kind."

- Claire D., marketing coach

"I've done this work for years but I learned a ton and really improved my results."

- Brenna, marketing strategist

"Really helpful insights and I actually had fun running all the tests."

- Jonathan, game design

"This process saved us $500,000 in customer acquisition costs in the first month alone."

- Rishi S., founder & CMO

"It was a rocket ride. Helped us get from $0 to $400K/mo in six months."

- Britt & Laurie-Anne, Co-founders

"Such a thorough approach. It got us to $649,000 in our first year."

- Valerie & JM, authors and coaches

"Steve is THE book marketing expert. We love working with him."

- Erin A., bestselling author, entrepreneur

"Steve made an enormous positive impact on our business."

- Jess J., bestselling author and startup founder

"OMG, I'm on track for seven figures this year!"

- Diana O., USA Today bestselling novelist

"I now have control over my career, and we retired my husband last year."

- Lydia S., million-selling author and entrepreneur

"I'm selling between 200 and 400 copies of my books every day."

- AJ, million-selling author

"I'm getting a 5X return on my ad spend. The results have been incredible."

- Othniel D., religious education

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FULL program access - nothing held back

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Renews at $79/mo after your first 7 days. Cancel anytime, no long-term commitment.

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"Helped me sell over $311,000 last year. Best business decision I've ever made."

- Gordon C., bestselling author

"Steve's process closed $54MM for us in 7 months."

- Jake S., Vice President & Chief Technologist

"Best growth coach I've seen. Actually knows how to drive results, and that's really rare."

- Trent D., #254 on the Inc 5000 list

"Thinks differently. Found and fixed problems we didn't realize we had."

- Gregory S., billionaire 

"Came in and basically wrote the proposal that won a $955K deal for us."

- Brian S., VP and Head of Product Strategy

"A real subject matter expert and a great guy. Write down whatever he says so you don't forget!"

- James D., aerospace consulting

"Huge difference! Helped improve conversions from 8% to 40% in just 3 weeks"

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"A legit CRO expert and an outstanding coach and teacher."

- Kim B., seven-figure entrepreneur

"Exceptional mentor. 100% the real deal. Helped us reach $543,000 in our first full year!"

- Tiffany M., startup founder

"A true expert, amazing speaker and instructor, ultimate credibility."

- Jase S., entrepreneur & bestselling author

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- Rachel H., million-selling author

"Steve has so much experience, and the calls with him have been outstanding."

- Kay C., million-selling author

"I've already referred all my friends to AMMO!"

- Pamela K., million-selling author

"I've been learning from Steve since our F-16 days together. Outstanding mentor & entrepreneur."

- Jeremy G., Chief Product Officer

"Really impressed with everything inside AMMO. Have already referred several friends."

- LT, million-selling author

"The skills I learned from Steve totally changed the trajectory of my career."

- Jenn H., Chief Marketing Officer

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"I flew five of my key project leads across the country to talk to Steve."

- Steve J., Director of Advanced Systems

"Completely redesigned our curriculum and processes to focus on client success."

- Trish M., Director of Operations

"Steve's vision and leadership landed over $112M in tech development contracts."

- Patrick E., PhD, technology development

"I made $80K last month. I'm already referring my subscribers to AMMO!"

- Alana T., bestselling author and coach

"I went from selling a couple of books a day to selling enough to quit my day job."

- Kelly O., college professor & bestselling author

"This stuff just works. I mean, it WORKS."

- Jeanne A., Author & Health Coach

"Steve drops knowledge bombs left and right. Really awesome."

- Kevin S., digital marketing agency owner

"Helped me master a really powerful process. Totally changed the game for me."

- Mark L., entrepreneur

"Helped us resurrect a neglected program and turn it into a $32M success"

- John G., Principal Engineer

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Marketing training for nonfiction authors

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Marketing training for novelists

"He flew out over Thanks-giving to turn wrenches with us on the aircraft carrier when we got behind."

- Jason G., Program Manager

"One of the legends in the F-16, and also kept the F-35 program on track."

- Micah F., Brigadier General, USAF

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- Bill N., Vice President and General Manager

Business and marketing training for professional independent authors.

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